The Solar Training Centre is a national award winning RTO, delivering high quality, industry leading solar training courses across Australia since 2009.

Our solar training courses are pathways to become a SAA accredited solar installer.

Our Darwin solar training facility is decked out for theoretical and practical solar installation training, where we deliver accredited and non-accredited solar courses We have trained over 4000 solar installer students making us the national solar training experts.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a qualified CEC accredited solar installer in Darwin?

To become an CEC accredited solar installer you firstly need to complete this Solar Course.

Once we issue your certificate, you may apply for accreditation with the CEC (Clean Energy Council) here.

Upon completion of the above Design and Install Grid Connected Solar PV Systems Course, you can continue on to the Solar PV Battery Storage Course 

You can also complete our Off grid (Stand-alone) Course as well!!

What can I expect from the solar training?

You can expect our solar courses to cover theory and practical training thoroughly, in line with Australian Standards and industry guidelines. Depending on your course, you will learn how to properly and safely install solar panels and design and install PV systems and battery storage systems.

I am an electrician in Darwin, which solar course is right for me?

Electricians have three options depending on the level of solar accreditation they require.

Upon completion of the Design and Install Grid Connected Solar PV Systems Course, electricians can apply to the CEC for accreditation. You can also opt just for a Design Course or an Install course.  Then apply for CEC accreditation here.

Then, completion of Design and Install Battery Systems for Grid Connected Solar PV Course prepares the student for an application to be accredited Battery Storage Design and /or Install.

Finish off your training with Stand-alone Systems Design or Design and Install!

Solar Installer & Battery Courses


  • Alex J.
    I very much enjoyed the course and welcomed the opportunity given to me to engage in this exciting new career!
    Alex J.
  • Andrew M.
    Enjoyed everything...the training, facility, theoretical and practical work.
    Andrew M.
  • David G.
    Training was interactive, fed my need for knowledge and brought in real life and international perspectives.
    David G.
  • Thank you for sending the certificate. Thanks and best regards to you and your team. You guys have been very helpful during both solar and battery design courses and because of these courses, I have recently secured a job in renewable energy industry as a “Solar Design Engineer”, and when I mentioned these courses during the interviews, it increased my chances of getting the job substantially. Thanks and best regards to you and your team!  - Abdul F
  • Donga Mon-Aphai
    Can't recommend Caz and her team and Solar Training Centre enough! Great organisation, in-depth and hands-on experience learning! I did the course myself and put a couple of my A grades through them as well.
    Donga Mon-Aphai
  • Josh T
    “Just wanted to take some time to personally thank everyone there especially Craig. The course was very informative and everyone was extremely accommodating with guiding me through certain parts of the course. I appreciate the extensions given as it is sometimes hard juggling a business as well. Great course and will be recommending to anyone interested.”
    Josh T

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