Terms and Conditions

Green Business Audit & Training /Solar Training Centre – Fees, Terms and Conditions Policy *  V11 2024.03
*This policy is subject to change without notice
Conditions: Enrolment and entering into an Individual Training Agreement includes a requirement to agree to the following conditions:

1. I am over 18 years of age.
2. I have read and agree to abide by the GBAT/STC Student Handbook and relevant Policies and Procedures available at www.greenrto.com.au and www.solarrto.com.au including this policy
3. Enrolment cannot be processed and confirmed until fee for the course is paid and all enrolment procedures are completed. If the balance of the fees owed is not paid in full at time of enrolment, payment must be provided as otherwise requested by GBAT/STC. If payments are not strictly adhered to, GBAT/STC has the right to suspend students from learning and assessment services immediately.
4. I understand that my enrolment may be rejected if pre-requisite and /or co-requisite conditions are not met
5. I understand that additional requirements and student responsibilities may apply for training programs funded by Government Entities, Funded Training Programs and Grants and I will adhere to all requirements
6. A booking fee of may be applied to registration/enrolment for a specific course or course date and must be paid within the due date of the invoice to secure the booking. Booking Fees will not be refunded if the student withdraws from the course.
7. Regular punctual attendance in class is required. Intended absence of any kind from class must be discussed with GBAT/STC as soon as possible prior to the absence. Unplanned absences must be discussed with GBAT/STC as soon as possible.
8. Late arrivals will not be admitted to class.
9. GBAT/STC reserves the right to cancel the enrolment of any student who does not follow GBAT/STC’s procedures as stipulated in GBAT/STC policies
10. I understand that I am required to show academic progress in my studies and that failure to do so within the specified training contract duration and any subsequent submission extensions may result in the application of late fees for marking assessments and/or cancellation of my enrolment. I understand that any future enrolment application to the same or other courses of study may be denied on the basis of lack of academic progress in an earlier course.
11. I understand that marking of submitted assessments may be delayed until I have completed payment of my course fee in accordance with the due date of my invoice and/or my agreed payment schedule.
12. I understand that a Parchment (Statement of Attainment/ Qualification Certificate) will not be issued unless all course fees have been paid and I have been deemed competent in (i.e.passed) all required course assessments. This includes any non-payment of fees by my employer/ a third party
13. GBAT/STC reserves the right to change the syllabus as and when necessary, to keep pace with the constant changes that occur in the student’s field of study
14. GBAT/STC reserves the right to defer or cancel courses – if so I am entitled to a full refund as set out in this policy
15. If I wish to withdraw from a course I must give notice in writing. Once commenced, course fees cannot be refunded.
16. I am aware that I can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit Transfer (RPL/CT) and must do so at the time of enrolment by lodging an RPL/CT Application in writing and that course fees apply for RPL
17. Academic misconduct is outlined in GBAT/STC’s Academic Misconduct Policy and I am aware that cheating and plagiarism on my part may result in my enrolment being cancelled and that I will not be able to enrol in further studies with GBAT/STC.
18. I must adhere to all applicable Federal, State or organisational Covid19 regulations (including regulations on valid exemptions where applicable) whilst in attendance at face to face training
19. I understand that GBAT/STC may refuse my enrolment if the course has already commenced
20. I understand that GBAT/STC may refuse, vary, reverse or terminate my enrolment on the basis of untrue, misleading or incomplete information.

Course Fees: Published course fees include all costs including course fees and materials unless otherwise specified


1. All invoices require payment within seven (7) days unless otherwise advised
2. Full payment required upon enrolment unless otherwise advised.
3. Course fees for nationally accredited training do not attract GST. Course fees for non-accredited courses resulting in a Certificate of Attendance/ Certificate of Completion attract GST.
4. Your course commences on the date you first access course via our LMS, receive course materials via email / mail or attend face to face sessions or webinar sessions, whichever occurs sooner.
5. Failure to attend a course without prior notification will result in forfeit of course fees.

6. Late payments of fees on overdue invoices may incur a 5% charge.
7. Late payment of fees on overdue invoices may halt training and assessment and students may not be permitted to continue attending their course
8. GBAT/STC will not  require collection of more than $1500 in course fees from each individual student prior to the commencement of a course. Payment plans are available. This does not apply when third parties are paying the fees e.g.an employer, business, funding body or other third party funder or for non-accredited training. Following course commencement, payment of the remainder of fees must be paid in advance proportionally according to the course fee schedule or payment plan provided.
9. Booking fees are not refundable if the student withdraws from the course or fails to complete their course within the specified timeframe. Booking fee refunds will be processed after completion of training in full and issuance of certificate.

10. Where a third party such as an employer pays part of the course fee on the student’s behalf, the student is deemed the Payer and is liable for the remaining course fee

11. Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB in SA) do not provide funding for units of study which a student does not complete in full and pass. Rebates are subject eligibility and availability and are subject to change at short notice and

12. Once the student has accessed their course, they are considered to have commenced all units of course and any remaining unpaid course fee is then outstanding.

13. The student must show progress in their studies by completing assessments.

14. The student must submit all course assessments by the due date specified

15. If progress and due dates are not adhered to, any remaining course fee is required in full in order for the student to be provided an extension

16. Regardless of whether the student completes and passes their course in full or not, the Payer is liable for the remaining course fee.

17. GBAT/STC are entitled to employ an outside debt collection agency and/or institution and/or lawyers to collect any unpaid sum owed by the Payer or to enforce any of our rights against the Payer. The Payer consents to our disclosure of all such information and personal data relating to him/her to such debt collection agency and/or institution and/or lawyers as necessary for this purpose. The Payer is liable for the cost of enforcement

18. You may transfer to another course date, if available, if requested in writing no less than 10 business days prior to the scheduled course commencement date for a non-refundable transfer fee of $300 + gst.t.  ONE transfer request is permitted. You may be placed on a wait-list for an available place in a future course. No refund applies if you subsequently cancel your enrolment in subsequent course(s). Transfers for medical reasons must be supported by a sick certificate signed by a licensed General Practitioner no later than one day after the request is made.
19. Where materials (i.e learner guides and assessment resources) are issued this will not occur unless the required fees have been paid.
20. In accordance with our Issuance Policy, Qualification Certificates and Student Academic Statement of Results will be issued only if all fees have been paid
21. Parchments will be mailed electronically to the Student’s email address within 21 days of being issued.
22. Unless otherwise specified, hard copies of Parchments are mailed on request via Australia Post and a postage and handling fee of $30 + gst may apply
23. A request for a qualification testamur replacement can be received verbally or in writing. A fee of $100+GST is payable prior to the issuing of the replacement document and will be provided within 14 days of receipt of payment.
24. Students who are deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) after submitting assessments within the agreed timeframe of the training contract will be offered further training for up to one hour maximum without incurring further fees. Additional training fees are charged at $150 per hour.
25. In cases where assessments have not been submitted within the agreed timeframe of the training contract, a fee of $150 will apply for each late submission to be assessed.
26. Similarly, if you re-submit an assessment previously marked Not Yet Competent outside of the agreed timeframe of the training contract, a fee of $150 may apply for each late submission.
27. Replacement of learner guides and assessment resources will incur additional fees of up to $100 per learner guide and $50 per assessment resource.
28. Payment via debit/credit card using our Pin Payments service attracts a surcharge of 1.75% plus 30c.A 1.0 % merchant fee applies to all debit/credit card payments transacted by telephone. American Express is not accepted.
29. Scanning and copying services may be available and will be charged at rates equivalent to those charged by Officeworks. Postage including GST will be applied where necessary. Invoices for these services must be paid in full prior to the service being rendered.

Terms: Cancellations and Refunds:

1. Students wishing to cancel their enrolment or withdraw from a course must notify GBAT/STC in writing.
2. Refunds must be requested in writing. The request will be processed and the student notified of the outcome.
3. Approved refunds will be transacted within 30 days of approval.
4. Where a student has purchased learner guides and assessment resources and wishes to request a refund they must do so in writing. Such a refund will be at the discretion of GBAT/STC and will be issued only after the materials are returned in as new condition.
5. GBAT/STC reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course to an alternative date. In such cases, all enrolled participants will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to attend the next available course.
6. Deposits will not be refunded to the student under any circumstances unless GBAT/STC cancels the course.
7 . No refund if cancelled within 10 business days of course commencement.
8. 50% refund if cancelled 11 to 28 working days prior to course commencement.
9. Full refund if cancelled more than 28 working days prior to course commencement.
10. A $300 administration charge + GST (& merchant fees if applicable) will be applied to any refund unless GBAT/STC cancels the course.
11. Where a booking fee is charged, it is not refundable if the student subsequently cancels their enrolment
12. Transfer fees are not refundable
13. Approved Refunds will be processed within 28 days of receipt of a refund application form – contact info@greenrto.com.au for a form
14. In the event that GBAT/STC closes or otherwise ceases to provide services as agreed, we will fund your completion of any remaining learning and assessment of the same course with another training provider or refund your fees in full

Special Considerations

Green Business Audit & Training/ Solar Training Centre understands that sometimes circumstances beyond a student’s control may affect their ability to attend a course in which they are enrolled. In such instances we will consider making special considerations regarding the particular circumstances and take a course of action outside of our normal refund policy. In these situations the student must make an application, in writing with supporting documentation, to the Chief Executive Officer outlining their case for consideration. The Chief Executive Officer will determine whether GBAT/STC considers the application is reasonable and will decide if a course of action which falls outside of our normal refund policy will be undertaken

Complaints and Appeals Process

A copy of our Complaints and Appeals Policy is available on our website at www.greenrto.com.au. Should a student be unsatisfied with the outcome of a course of action undertaken by GBAT/STC with respect to this policy, the student must formally outline the nature of the objection in writing to the Chief Executive Officer by lodging a Complaints and Appeals Form within 7 days of requesting the Form via email to info@greenrto.com.au.