Complaints and Appeals Procedure  V4.0


Despite all efforts of GBAT to provide satisfactory services to its students, clients, employers and other persons, complaints may occasionally arise requiring formal resolution.

GBAT is committed to developing and maintaining an effective, timely, fair and equitable complaints and appeals system which is easily accessible and offered to complainants at no charge.

Complaint – a person’s expression of dissatisfaction with any service provided by   

Appeal – a request to review a decision that has previously been made

Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Resolving issues before they become a complaint

1.1 Students and clients are encouraged, wherever possible, to resolve concerns or difficulties directly with the person(s) concerned to deal with the issue before it becomes a formal complaint. GBAT staff members are available to assist students to resolve their issues

1.2 Matters that cannot be resolved at the time they occur must be referred to the GBAT Chief Executive Officer for review. Students must lodge a formal complaint within 14 days of the event or incident occuring. The formal complaint must be lodged via the Complaints and Appeals Form available at our offices or by emailing  A form will be forwarded to the student within 3 business days of request. Students must lodge the completed form via email to within 7 days of the date we provide you the form and we will acknowledge its receipt. The following procedure will be followed when a complaint form is received:

1.3 The Complaints and Appeals Form will be forwarded to the Chief Executive Officer who will review the matter and make a determination.

1.4 The Chief Executive Officer will provide the complainant with a written response within 20 working days from when the complaint is received at GBAT, and will include information that demonstrates how the matter was reviewed and what actions and outcomes have been identified as a result of the complaint.

2. Appeals Procedure

2.1 Applications by enrolled students for reconsideration (ie an appeal) of what is in their view an unfavourable decision or finding are to be treated with the highest importance. An appeal must be made in writing to the CEO and specify the particulars of the decision or finding in dispute. Appeals must be lodged within 28 days from the date the original decision or finding is communicated to the student. The following procedure is to be followed when an application for appeal is received by GBAT:

2.2 Appeals must be requested in writing. Students must lodge a Complaints and Appeals Form which GBAT will acknowledge within 2 business days of receipt.

2.3 The Chief Executive Officer will consider applications for appeal on the basis of procedural fairness

2.4 In the case of an assessment appeal and following an internal review of the assessment, GBAT may appoint an independent, qualified assessor to review and make a decision on the assessment at GBAT’s cost.

2.5 The Chief Executive Officer will provide the complainant with a written response within 20 working days from when the appeal is received by GBAT or as soon as is practicable. However in some cases, particularly if the matter is complex, the resolution may take longer.

2.6 The written response will include information on what actions and outcomes have been identified as a result of the appeal.

2.7 If the applicant is not satisfied with the response, the applicant has the opportunity for a person or a body that is independent of GBAT to review his or her complaint or appeal following the internal GBAT complaint and appeals process. This service will be at the applicant’s cost. In addition to this, the applicant is required to meet their own costs in relation to travel, time and in preparing any submission to an independent person or body.

2.8 Students have a number of external appeal options including


The National Complaints Hotline: Ph 136268

2.9 At the conclusion of this review, decisions or outcomes of the appeals process that find in the favour of the student, or otherwise, shall be implemented immediately.

3. Enrolment status

3.1 Where a student chooses to access this policy and procedure, GBAT will maintain the student’s enrolment while the complaints handling process is ongoing